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Trademark Application Status

Check your Trademark Application Status from here

Guide to search Trademark Application Status in India
Step 1) Click on the link and you will be taken to Trademark Registry Website
Step 2) Click on Trademark Application Number/Registered Trademark button
Step 3) Enter Trade Mark/Application Number
Step 4) Enter the code shown and click on View button, you will find status

A trademark application goes through various stages of scrutiny before it is registered. The various stages are briefly explained below. After filing of trademark any objections or notifications will be shown online.
  1. Online new application or new application – This means the application has been filed
  2. Send Vienna codification – This applies to trademarks having logo, label or artwork. This stage assigns codes as per Vienna codification for non text trademarks
  3. Formalities check pass – Here the required documents such as application form, power of attorney, specimen etc. are checked for proceeding to the next stage
  4. Marked for exam – This means the trademark examiner has taken the application for close examination
  5. Objected – This happens when an adverse examination report is issued. Exam report issued means the application examined need slight modification or is going to be advertised in the journal
  6. Refused – This means the application is refused hearing the applicant’s response to adverse examination report
  7. Adv. before accepted – In this stage application is published and open for opposition by third party
  8. Opposed – This means a third party has objected to the trademark
  9. Abandoned – If the applicant fails to respond to office actions, its abandoned
  10. Withdrawn – When the applicant files the required documents to withdraw the application it shows withdrawn
  11. Removed – This means the application has been technically removed from the trademark register
  12. Registered – This means the trademark is registered

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